Car Burglars Hit South Florida Again

Police are investigating yet another car burglary spree in South Florida.

The break-ins in Fort Lauderdale, where 10 cars were burglarized, and Deerfield Beach, where several more were hit, bring the total number of incidents reported this month to six. More than 100 cars have been targeted in all.

Police have not yet determined whether the string of break-ins are connected.

The latest batch of targeted vehicles included the cars of residents of Fort Lauderdale's Exchange Loft Apartments, which were parked in a city garage, and five belonging to Broward Sheriff firefighters in Deerfield.

"I came in the morning and my buddy called me (and) my coworker and he (said) that there were 10 cars with windows broken and everything and I was like, 'Oh, that's crazy,'" one man said.

On Thursday, police said about a dozen cars in North Miami were hit. Surveillance video captured thieves in action in Hollywood and Little Havana, where at least 90 cars have been targeted by vandals and thieves.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department says its too early in the investigation to comment on what happened overnight, while the Broward Sheriff's says it is working the Deerfield Beach case as an isolated incident.

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