Car Crashes Into Oakland Park Beauty Supply Store

It was a messy scene in Oakland Park when a car crashed into a beauty supply store Wednesday afternoon.

Crews responded to the scene inside a strip mall at the 4800 block of Northwest 31st Avenue. The car could be seen completely inside the My Beauty Exchange store located inside the complex.

The driver said she was trying to park but stepped on the gas by mistake. Her white Volkswagen came to a halt in the middle of aisle 6.

Surveillance cameras captured products flying off the shelves and shards of glass everywhere. Several store clerks and customers were standing just feet away from the front door at the moment of impact, but luckily no one was hurt.

"My son keep telling me 'stop, stop.' But I keep going. I don't know I don't know," the driver said.

"All we seen were shelves falling towards us. And our first instinct was to run towards the back," employee Joanne Ducatel said.

The owner of the store is grateful no one was hurt. He estimates more than $15,000 in damages and hopes the insurance will cover what appears to be an unfortunate accident.

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