Carlos Ponce Talks About “Model Latina: South Beach”

The multitalented star credits Miami for some of his success

You may know Carlos Ponce from Spanish telenovelas or from movies he’s starred in alongside stars like Vince Vaughn such as “Couples Retreat.”

Born in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents, and a graduate from South Miami High School, Ponce is one of the few multitalented artists who have successfully bridged the Latin and American markets.

“I think I just guide myself. I say God is my manager and he takes me where he like me to be,” he said. “I think we’re bicultural and this is our language, and a lot of people approach me about crossover and I really don’t feel it that way, because what we do is cater to who we are, bilingual, bicultural, Americans and Miamians.”

He credits Miami with having some impact on his success. He is back in town with his latest project, “Model Latina: South Beach.” Beautiful Latina women go head to head on the reality show for the coveted title, and Ponce is one of the judges.

“I don’t know if I’m a good judge because I think Latina women are beautiful in general,” he said.

Joking that he’s going to change his name to “Carlos Seacrest,” Ponce is handling projects from all over the world, and even teased about a possible project that would take him to South America.

Known for his physique and good looks – as much as he is for his romantic Spanish ballads and roles – Ponce finds balance in his life by putting his four kids first and making time for himself whenever he can find it.

“There’s no routine, because I can’t have a routine with such a crazy life. I do try to sneak it [a workout] in every day at some point," he said.

“Model Latina: South Beach” premieres Monday on nuvoTV.

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