Carrollton School Choir Students Will Sing at Mass With Pope Francis

Carrollton School choir students will join the Sistine Chapel Choir in St. Peter's Square for the Easter Sunday Mass with the new pontiff

It sounds beautiful in the library at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart. It's the sound of the high school choir preparing for a trip of a lifetime.

"It sounds a little corny, but they so sound like angels," Head Mistress Suzanne Cook said.

The school's 50 girls will join the Sistine Chapel Choir in St. Peter's Square for the Easter Sunday Mass with Pope Francis.

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When the trip was originally planned, they had no idea their trip would come only a couple of weeks after history was made in the form of white smoke.

"It's amazing," choir member Isabel Madia said. "Every time my mom would see it on the news, she would say, 'Isa, you're going to be there in two weeks.' My friends and I can't stop talking about how excited we are."

Said sophomore Sophia Carratala, "At first it was the hard work of learning all the songs, but now that we've got it all down, we get to actually enjoy the feeling that we're going to Italy."

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This isn't a one-performance kind of trip. These students will spend their nine-day trip singing not only in the Vatican, but in Rome and Florence. But still, one aspect of it holds the most excitement – seeing the new pope.

"I wasn't sure what we were going to do – if we were going to sing to an empty chair," choir member Stephanie Fernandez said. "I'm very excited, especially since the new pope is a Hispanic man and that's very important to a lot of us, since a lot of us are Cuban American."

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The students had a fundraiser selling pizzas to help raise money for the trip. They leave Coconut Grove for Italy March 27.

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