Caught on Camera: Drivers Taking Extreme Measures to Avoid Tolls

Chances are you are among the drivers who contribute $2.5 million in tolls to the state’s coffers everyday. However, Team 6 Investigators discovered some drivers are taking extreme measures to avoid paying Sunpass tolls. Now, police are taking new steps to catch them.

“They’re tough to catch, especially when they’re so reckless out there,” said Sgt. Louis Tejera of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Team 6 Investigators rode along with State Troopers who work with Sunpass to catch habitual toll evaders. It didn’t take us long to find one after anotheranother in Broward County. To see what happened, click on the video box above.

First, troopers pulled over a driver for using grease to change the numbers of his tag to evade tolls. Plus, they ticketed two other drivers who had their tags bent underneath their trucks so they couldn’t be read by toll by plate cameras.

State officials said drivers owe more than 36 million in unpaid tolls statewide. According to troopers, commercial truck drivers are the worst offenders. In most cases, troopers said, the drivers keep their transponders hidden under the seat so they won’t get charged for tolls.

Depending on where you’re caught, a ticket can cost you between $135 and $150 for a violation. But troopers said most commercial truck drivers who drive inside the state, those who actually pay, spend about $500 a month on tolls.

“So imagine if you have hundreds of truck drivers doing this, how much of a theft is going on, millions of dollars,” said Sgt. Tejera.

“Don’t do it, we’re out there and we’re looking for you,” he said.

The fines can increase each time you’re caught. It’s a moving violation so you get points on your license, making your insurance go up. Plus, if you drive for a living you can lose that valuable commercial driver’s license.

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