Chili's Shooting Case Revolves Around “Stand Your Ground”

Gabriel Mobley, 36, claims he shot two men in self-defense outside a Chili's on NW 57th Avenue

Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law is being tested inside a Miami courtroom.

Gabriel Mobley, 36, admits he shot two men outside a Chili's restaurant in February 2008, and claims it was self-defense. But the sister of one of the victims doesn't buy it.

"My family is very, very overwhelmed over all of this," Joyce Carrazana said. "We have had five years of hell, it's been very hurtful for both families and we're trying to get closure."

Her brother, Rolando Carrazana, and his friend Jason Gonzalez were killed in the incident, which was recorded on surveillance video.

Carrazana and Gonzalez got into an argument with Mobley's group inside the Chili's on NW 57th Avenue near the Palmetto Expressway, according to authorities. The exchange was over women.

The dispute spilled outside, punches were thrown, and Mobley said he fired several times, hitting Carrazana and Gonzalez.

"There was so much blood I freaked," Mobley said while testifying Friday afternoon.

Mobley said he thought one of the other men was pulling a gun out from under his shirt, so he fired first.

"I was scared, and then I seen this other guy coming up from the back and then he reached up under his shirt so I was scared," he said. "I thought, you know, they were going to shoot or kill us."

Mobley filed a motion to dismiss the case based on Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

A judge will decide if Mobley goes free because of the law, or if he goes to trial on murder charges.

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