Ole! Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Planning Tips

If you're planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with grande fiesta, then these tips will help make your party bigger and better than ever.

No matter if your Cinco de Mayo party is indoors or outdoors, balloons are always a great choice when decorating any party. Here are three different ways balloons can spice your fiesta:

  • A super easy way to set it up is by tying a decorative string or colorful paper tassel to a balloon filled with helium.
  • Use large mylar (also known as foil) letter or number balloons to spell out ‘5 de Mayo”. Other fun words could be Fiesta, Cantina, Bienvenidos, just to name a few.
  • BE CREATIVE! If you are hands on, use your imagination to create unique balloon designs just like we did with this balloon cactus center piece and column.

If Pinterest inspired you to whip up a delicious 7-layer dip, don't throw away those colorful cans. Instead, add your personal twist to the cans to transform them into party of your decor: flower containers, utensil holders, etc.

Serving tacos with endless toppings? Find all the colorful mismatch plates and containers that you might have at home to helps serve your guests. Baskets, clay pots, wooden cutting boards, wooden crates, paper bags, or even a sombrero will work to make the perfect "fiesta" inspired buffet set up.

Don’t be afraid to use bright and bold colors to mix with patterns and textures throughout the party from the serving plates, table covers, balloons, center pieces and outfits too.

Remember it's a FIESTA!

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