Cockfighting Ring Busted in Southwest Miami-Dade

The Animal Recovery Mission went undercover inside an alleged cockfighting ring in Southwest Miami-Dade.

“People stand around and they bet money and they laugh and they scream and they chant for the death of these animals,” said Richard Couto of the Animal Recover Mission.

The video was allegedly recorded at Rancho El Triangulo in Homestead.

“We found this operation through a tip, went in undercover and we’ve been videoing in this place for three months,” said Cuoto.

He says some of the more well-trained roosters used for illegal cockfighting cost anywhere from $2,000 to $15,000 per bird.

When Miami-Dade Police’s crime unit arrived Saturday afternoon, they did not witness any cockfighting, so no arrests were made, but their investigation continues.

“The most important thing obviously is to stop the killing and stop the cruely to animals. That’s number one. That’s why police are here,” said Jason Pizzo, a former prosecutor.

“Certainly owning the property and running an operation and also betting, wagering and even attending such an operation is a third degree felony,” said Pizzo.

Roosters recovered from the area on Saturday will be treated by veterinarians working with the Animal Rescue Mission before going to their sanctuary.

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