Coding Classes Now Offered in All Broward High Schools

Miami-Dade Public Schools has expanded computer coding to dozens of elementary and middle schools, and most high schools.

With the high-tech job market demanding programming knowledge, Broward is now offering coding classes in every single high school.

Kathy Cudak has an interesting way to show the concept to the kids in her coding class at Piper High School. The students had to program her to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The point of the lesson was you have to tell a computer exactly what to do. That's how coding works.

Broward County Schools expanded the class to every high school in the county, partnering with, giving students a tech start on the job market.

"In terms of jobs, there's a great deficit, so we're really linking our efforts at the school level to offer opportunities for students," said Christine Semisch with Broward County Schools.

By the end of the school year, the students will be doing much more advanced programming.

"I'm taking this class because I like programming and I like building new apps and games," said student Cedric Lewis.

Learning how to code also helps in other classes.

"It's like being bilingual. Not only do you speak English, but you also speak coding," Principal Angel Gomez explained.

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