County Wants Instant Replay on Marlins' Stadium Deal

Commissioners upset the Marlins hid they were making a mint

Realizing taxpayers may have been hosed in a stadium deal for the Florida Marlins, one county commissioner thinks its time to bring team owner Jeff Loria back to the negotiating table.

Commissioner Rebeca Sosa has requested the county ask the Marlins for a "greater financial contribution" after reports released this week that Loria cashed in big time on the baseball team, despite crying poor to get the new stadium deal.

The county is carrying the heaviest load on a new $600 million stadium that is scheduled to open in 2012. The Marlins are paying about $150 million, with taxpayers handling the rest.

But a report on released financial documents that revealed the notoriously cheap Loria made nearly $50 million off the Marlins the past two years, despite the team having the lowest payroll in Major League baseball.

The report didn't sit will with elected officials, who were told by Marlins execs that the team was in dire straits and needed public help to stay in town.

Now it looks like Sosa wants to bring the wood to Loria and the marlins, but that could be hard considering the contracts have been signed and the county is on the hook for a mint.

The commission could take up the issue in ten days.

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