Brandon Lopez

Community Helps World War II Vet Rebuild Home After Irma

A local war hero is getting a big thank you for his services.

Charles Adderley, Sr., 93, is a World War Two veteran who found himself fighting another battle when his home started to fall apart.

Hurricane Irma damaged his home.

“A part of this wall up the top fell back on the roof from the force of wind, I guess,” said Adderley.

Luckily, Adderley stayed with his son’s during the storm. He came home to find lots of tree damage on his property.

On Thursday, several young police officers lent a hand to help Adderley.

“I don’t know what to call it, but I refer to it as a divine intervention,” said Adderley.

Before the storm, members of the community were already heling him with home repairs.

Adderley’s budget doesn’t allow for much upkeep, and he’s been doing the best he can.

“I’m overwhelmed completely,” said Adderley. “Look at all of this.”

In addition to the damage sustained by Irma, Adderley says he’s been without power for 12 days now. He’s been staying somewhere else waiting to come back home and it could be soon.

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