Construction Worker Injured on 49th Floor of Miami Building

A construction worker was badly injured when he was struck on the head while working on the 49th floor of a Miami high-rise Monday.

The worker was struck by some type of machinery at the construction site at 1010 Brickell Avenue in Mary Brickell Village, Miami Fire Rescue officials said.

Officials said the technical rescue team had to lower him from the 49th floor to the ground since several floors are incomplete. The worker's identity and exact condition were unknown.

"So we watched until they lowered him, he had a laceration on his head and they had it wrapped and they had a collar on him and at first he wasn’t moving so we were like 'oh boy' and all the sudden we saw him dropping at the collars moving and I think he was ok. And they put him in the ambulance," witness Jackie Garth said.

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