Consumer Reports: Top Paint for Any Room

A new coat of paint can really freshen up a room. But painting takes time, and if you hire a professional, money. So why buy paint that won't last a long time? Consumer Reports recently tested paints from under $20 per gallon to more than $100.

Rico de Paz, who oversees the paint tests, says: "It's important that you get the right paint for the right job. A kitchen would require a paint that's stain resistant and scrub resistant, while mildew resistance would be great for a bathroom." Consumer Reports tests for all of that.

The $17 Color Place Interior Paint from Walmart landed at the bottom of Consumer Reports’ ratings.

But Consumer Reports did find a paint that would be a good choice for any room in your house. It's the top-rated Behr Marquee from Home Depot for $43 per can. Home Depot sells another recommended paint that costs even less, Behr Premium Plus Ultra for $36 per gallon. Overall, it's not as good as the Behr Marquee at resisting stains, but it’s still among the best in a satin or semigloss finish.

If you're not a Home Depot shopper, Consumer Reports also recommends the Valspar Reserve at Lowe's for 44 dollars per gallon, or the more economical Clark and Kensington for 32 dollars per gallon at Ace Hardware.

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