Contrite Stallworth: I'll Change

Sorry Stallworth wants back in NFL, meets with commish

Donte Stallworth has vowed to change his ways and hopes he'll one day play football again, the NFL star said in a statement released today.

Just weeks after he finished serving his 24-day DUI manslaughter sentence in a Miami jail, Stallworth met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday in New York in the hopes of being reinstated into the league.

Stallworth, 28, was suspended indefinitely by the league after he struck and killed 59-year-old Mario Reyes with his Bentley after a night of clubbing in Miami Beach in the early hours of March 14.

In the statement issued today, the Cleveland Browns wide receiver expressed his sorrow over the incident.

"It is clear that I exercised poor judgment and caused irreparable harm to Mario Reyes, his family, the NFL, its owners, coaches, employees and to my fellow players," the statement read. "Going forward, I am committed to conducting myself in a manner that more accurately reflects who I am and meets the high standard expected of all NFL players."

Stallworth had a blood alcohol level of .126 when the accident occurred, well over the legal limit of .08, and tested positive for marijuana in his system.

Stallworth struck a deal with Miami prosecutors in June, which includes a 10-year probation, including a two-year house arrest he began serving when he was released in July. The NFLer will also have to perform 1,000 hours of community service and will never be able to drive again under the deal.

Though the details of the Goodell-Stallworth conversation aren't known, Stallworth said he'd like to rejoin the NFL's ranks.

"I respect the Commissioner's authority and I trust his judgment. Whatever he ultimately decides is the appropriate discipline, I will accept knowing that I have profoundly affected the NFL and its relationship with the fans of our game," Stallworth's statement read.
"I apologize for my poor judgment. I jeopardized the honor and privilege that I have been given to be an NFL player and to play for our fans. I am truly sorry."

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