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Coral Springs Partnering With App Locating CPR Trained People in Effort to Help Rescue Crews

The Coral Springs Fire Department is taking on a new age approach to saving lives – by enlisting the help of you at home and a mobile device.

Pulse Point is a free mobile app that alerts CPR trained citizens of someone having a cardiac arrest within a quarter mile of your location.

The idea is if you’re trained and get one of these notifications, you could quickly arrive on scene and administer aid - potentially saving a life before first responders arrive.

The app also tells you where the closet aid is.

“Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death and disability in us,” said Coral Springs Fire Chief Frank Babinec. “This app along with the early notification of 911 system has proven to save lives.”

Coral Springs Mayor Skip Campbell and Babinec will announce their partnership with the service on Monday.

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