Crist Only Wants A Spoonful Of Sugar

US Sugar land pact scaled back

Gov. Charlie Crist still has a sweet tooth but it'll likely cost Florida a lot less.

Citing the tough Florida economy, Gov. Crist announced today that he's scaled down his plan to buy U.S. Sugar land by about 60 percent.

The original plan, which would have spent $1.75 billion on 180,000 acres of land has been cut down to $533 million for 72,500 acres.

Call it the Sweet'N Low version of the deal.

"We have to deal with the parameters that we are given," Crist told the Miami Herald. "Even though it's scaled down, it's still the biggest ever. It's about twice the size of Orlando."

Crist's plan is to help clean up land in the Everglades through new reservoirs and pollution treatment marshes.

Environmentalists are backing the deal, which Crist hopes will protect "the living symbol of beauty in Florida."

Now that would be sweet.

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