CSI's Affair Takes Center Stage In Kaufman Murder Trial

Howell, who first denied the accusations, also said that he job was important to her

The sex life of an Aventura police crime scene investigator took center stage in the Adam Kaufman murder trial Thursday in an effort to chip away at the credibility of the officers who investigated the 2007 crime.

Ana Howell, who gathered evidence in the death of Eleonora Kaufman, was questioned by Adam Kaufman’s defense attorney William Matthewman about an affair she had with Anthony Angulo, the lead detective in the case.

“Isn't it true, ma'am, you previously had an intimate sexual relationship with detective Angulo?” Matthewman asked her in court.

Howell, who first denied the accusations, skirted around the question.

“I am married and I have three kids and my job is important to me,” she said. “This is very important because this is my life here.”

She then admitted to the affair after Matthewman requested that the court admonish her.

“Yes, and my husband is well aware of it sir, and I am happily married and I don't have any issues with that any longer,” she said.

Howell then stormed off the witness stand and left the courtroom slamming the door behind her.

Adam Kaufman, an Aventura developer, is charged with murdering his wife in 2007 after her body was found in the couple’s home.

Kaufman said he woke up and found his wife dead on the floor of their bathroom with her neck on a magazine rack.

Prosecutors say Kaufman strangled his wife. He wasn't charged until nearly a year and a half later when the death was ruled a homicide by the Miami-Dade medical examiner.

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