Man Found Asleep After Committing Various Crimes: Deputies

Deputies found Daniel Carmichael, 19, asleep in his bed at a Panama City Beach vacation home.

Daniel Carmichael
Bay County Sheriff's Office

A suspect wanted for burglarizing a car, stealing a firearm and then stealing another car was found sleeping in his rental vacation home in Panama City Beach, the Bay County Sheriff's Office said.

Daniel Carmichael, a tourist from Georgia, reportedly got into an argument with others staying at the vacation home and then left, the sheriff’s office said.

He broke into a car that was near the vacation home and took a firearm, the report said.

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Then Carmichael, 19, stole another car and drove around Panama City Beach, authorities said. During his ride, he stopped various times to fire the gun into the air. Then, just a couple of blocks away from the vacation home, he crashed the car, the report said.

Deputies and K-9 Units were tracking the area, when a man, who came out of the vacation home, asked who they were searching for. Deputies gave him a description of Carmichael, who was shirtless and wearing a cast on his arm, and the man identified him as one of the guests staying in the same vacation home, the report said.

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That’s when deputies found Carmichael asleep in his bed.

He was charged with burglary of a conveyance while armed, grand theft of a motor vehicle and burglary of a conveyance.

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