Detective Tracks Down Dog's Owner in Florida Hospital

A Pasco County Sheriff's deputy helped reunite a dog with its owner after they became separated because of a car crash on Interstate 75.
David Boyer told The Tampa Tribune that when the dog showed up in his driveway on Thursday night, he called the number on its tag. The phone call went straight to voicemail.
After a little while, Boyer, who is on the sheriff's missing persons unit, accessed his law enforcement database to track down its owner's mother, Connie Deane, in Fort Myers.

Turns out, dog owner Jeff Deane, 22, was in a serious crash on nearby I-75.
"The dog ended up in my driveway by chance," Boyer said. "I'm not sure how she got out without injury, but she is lucky."
Deane's mother had just gotten off the phone with an emergency technician who was at the crash scene when Boyer called.

Deane, a student at Florida State University, remains in ICU in a hospital, with injuries to his arm, which was broken in three places. He's also got a broken rib, abrasions to his spleen and liver, along with cuts and bruises. He was on his way home to Fort Myers to start an internship at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.
The Florida Highway Patrol's report indicates Deane was heading south on I-75 when his vehicle veered slightly off the road. In overcorrecting the wheels on wet pavement, Deane's SUV crossed the road and went onto the shoulder, where it slid and flipped several times.
Somehow, the 1 1/2-year-old beagle mix named Gooseberry escaped and made her way to Boyer's house.

"One of my son's biggest concerns is the dog," Connie Deane said. "He just got the dog in July and he's just crazy about her. I'm just thankful that Dave and his family have her and are taking such good care of her."
She says they talk to the Boyers every day. "They're taking her to the dog park," she said. "It's just awesome the dog found exactly the right people to take care of her." We just appreciate that so much."

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