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Distraction Burglaries Targeting Elderly in Coral Gables: CGPD

The Coral Gables Police Department said it's seeing an increase in distraction burglaries within the community.

Investigators said these con artists are nomadic and are targeting seniors throughout South Florida. Many have bogus photo identification cards, uniforms and vehicles made to look like government or company vehicles.

In all cases, police said one or more subjects distracts the homeowner, while an accomplice enters the house and removes the victim's property.

A ploy frequently utilized is to act as if they are working at a neighbor's home, while they request access to the backyard to show what work they are doing.

In one ruse, the subject posed as an ant exterminator, luring the victim outside to show where he intended on exterminating, then sprayed the victims hand with an unknown substance.

Police said victims may not know for several hours or days that their property has been stolen.

CGPD is seeking the assistance of the public in identifying the subjects who are targeting the elderly.

They have been described as either white or Hispanic males, approximately 35-45 years of age, driving either a grey or blue SUV. In some cases, the men were wearing "uniforms."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Coral Gables Police Department at (305) 442-1600.

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