Doctors Say Pandemic Woes Leading to Larger Number of Headaches

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It goes without saying the pandemic has been a huge headache for many, but doctors say it could quite literally be giving you a headache.

From the summer heat, the pandemic stress, to the computer screens, it’s enough to make your brain hurt and doctors say they are seeing that.

NBC 6 anchor Sheli Muñiz spoke with Dr. Brad Herskowitz, neurologist with Miami Neuroscience Institute, about this new trend.

SHELI: How does somebody know if they have a Covid-related headache or just stress-induced headache?

Dr. Herskowitz: Well, I think if you have a history of headaches or migraines or tension headaches or your typical run-of-the-mill headache with the same characteristics, then there is of no concern. If you have never had headaches and now you have headaches, it’s a little bit alarming.

The hospitals, we’re seeing a lot more COVID patients over the past couple of weeks initially there was a surge at Baptist which diminished. Now there is a significant surge again which is greater than the first time around.

People are coming in or virtually scheduling appointments with a number of neurological complaints. The incessant record-breaking heat this year is only adding insult to injury.

Dr. Herskowitz: Just being in the heat can exacerbate migraines and certain patients are predisposed to that and the dehydration that comes along with being in the heat can also exacerbate migraines and headaches in non-headache patients.

Then, there is the anxiety of the current state of affairs.

Dr. Herskowitz: Stress impacts every organ, every type of a disorder that we see as a neurologist whether it’s migraines, whether it’s back pain, whether it’s seizure disorder Parkinson’s, stress seems to negatively impact all the neurological disorders.

There is only so much we can do with life stressors, with financial stressors, with the way things are now especially but you can do techniques relaxation, exercise meditation, that can really significantly diminish symptoms, negative symptoms.

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