Miami Firefighters Help Dog From Water at Rickenbacker Causeway

Miami firefighters went above and beyond to help a dog that became stuck in the water at the Rickenbacker Causeway near the William Powell Bridge Monday morning.

The dog was found around 9 a.m. standing on a pylon under the bridge, where Lt. Jose Almeida swam out to her.

Almeida tried to help the dog, which jumped into the water and swam to another pylon and became aggressive.

Almeida was able to get the dog back in the water and it swam to shore.

"I'd like to tell you I rescued him but I chased him back to shore where he gave me a 'thank you' by running off into the mangroves and I don't know where he is now," Almeida said.

Officials think the dog is a pregnant female.

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