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Dogs Rescued From South Korean Meat Trade Going Up for Adoption in Broward

A group of dogs that were headed for someone's dinner table in South Korea are now going up for adoption in South Florida.

The group of dogs were wrapping up more than 17 hours of travel time at the Humane Society of Broward County Thursday afternoon.

"Look in their eyes, you know. They just want to be loved, they want to be part of a family," the Humane Society's Cherie Wachter said. "They came from a South Korean meat farm where they were housed and eventually going to be sold as dog meat for people to consume."

Wachter estimates that every year anywhere between two to two and a half million dogs are slaughtered for consumption in South Korea. Some of the saved dogs were bred specifically for meat.

"And others look like they were people's pets at one time. So it's hard to comprehend that that's where these animals would have ended up," she said.

Humane Society International is working with farmers to end the practice of dog meat. Part of that is changing public perception of what it means to have a companion animal in the region.

"If a family really doesn't want their dog anymore there are really not a lot of alternatives for them to take them to shelters, so sometimes if someone doesn't want their pet they turn it over to dog meat farm," Wachter said.

The next step for the group is rest and evaluation, followed by vacations, spay or neuter. A dog trainer will work with each pup individually to learn more about their personality.

"So that we can see about their personality and what's going to be involved for a family that wants to adopt them. Some of them might walk on a leash, great, others it took a lot just to get them out of the crate," Wachter said.

Some of the dogs could find a new home as early as next week. Those interested in adopting a pet must complete a application form, that way staff can make sure the dog and family are a good match.

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