Doorbell Camera Footage Shows Woman Did Not Serve Eviction Notice Properly

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A woman lost her job as a process server after failing to properly deliver an eviction notice to a tenant in Miramar.

Catrina Adams had been hired to serve the notice to a woman renting a home in Miramar back in May.

Adams told the court that she went to the home on May 24 at around 6 p.m., and again the next day at 7:40 p.m.

But doorbell camera footage did not show anyone at the front door those both times.

Adams is finally seen on camera delivering the notice on the 29th -- five days after she first said she came by.

Even then, a renter's attorney said she didn't do the job right. When Adams approached the door, she didn't ring the bell, knock, or made any attempts to contact the tenant.

As soon as an eviction notice is filed, renters have only days to respond.

"Ms. Monroe could have been homeless because of the mistake that was made," Judge Michael Davis said.

Adams said she got the days mixed up and that the situation was an accident.

"It was truly an accident. And I explained to them at the very beginning it was an accident," she told a judge in court.

The woman was not evicted, but Adams was sentenced to community service and lost her job.

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