Doral Nonprofit Readies Supplies For Hard-Hit Kentucky After Tornadoes

NBC Universal, Inc.

A local nonprofit whose mission it is to provide supplies in times of crisis is getting ready to send several semi trucks of aid to those in need after the devastating tornadoes in Kentucky and other states.

Doral-based nonprofit, Global Empowerment Mission, packaged supplies Saturday to be sent to the disaster zone in Mayfield, Kentucky.

Tornadoes affected at least five different states Friday, destroying buildings and leaving many people homeless or without power. At least 70 people were killed.

“It looks like Hurricane Dorian and Marsh Harbour spread out over 200 miles,” Michael Capponi, President of  Global Empowerment Mission said.

Capponi gave NBC 6 an inside look at the nonprofit’s storage facility, where they keep essential supplies on hand to send out in times of crisis.

Things like “family necessities kits, beverages, sleeping, hygiene, all kinds of emergency supplies, even PPE,” Capponi said.

The nonprofit says partnerships make the effort to help nationally and internationally possible, teaming up with Betheny Frankel’s BStrong initiative, Louisville City Football Club, Racing Louisville Football Club, UC Group, Good360, Goya, and more.

“We have, year round, a lot of stock here through our corporate sponsors,” Capponi said, “so it’s easy for us to just pull what the need is, put it in a truck and deliver it.”

Their partners Aerial Recovery Group are already on the ground assessing the need and trying to save lives.

“They’re all former Green Berets and military professionals, so those guys are there now first doing search and rescue, pulling people out of buildings,” Capponi said.

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