Fort Lauderdale

Electric Scooters Banned in Hollywood

Electric scooters have been banned in Hollywood.

City commissioners voted Wednesday to prohibit the scooters from any street, roadway or sidewalk within city limits. The law also prohibits the sale, rental and leasing of the devices.

Critics say the scooters put pedestrians, cyclists and the riders themselves at risk. Some complained about scooter riders weaving in and out of traffic.

Some residents were concerned about how this ban will be enforced.

"Any law or ordinance is only as good as the ability to enforce it," said resident Mitch Anton. "My concern is, and I'm not against the police in any way shape or form, but I walk that boardwalk a lot and rarely see police."

In nearby Fort Lauderdale, dozens of dockless scooters are parked on sidewalks. Although the city permits the devices, officials put a restriction in place on the beach during spring break.

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