Elementary School P.E. Teacher Accused of Harassing Students, Faces Suspension

A Parkland elementary school physical education teacher is facing suspension for allegedly verbally and physically harassing his students

Robert Konnovitch, a teacher at Riverglades Elementary School, is facing a 10-day suspension when the Broward School Board meets Tuesday, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Konnovitch is accused of trying to kick a student in the head in early 2014 and allegedly called a Hispanic student "Miguel," even though that's not his name, according to an administrative complaint obtained by the paper.

Parents and students also claimed Konnovitch "called students losers, stupid, idiots, and annoying and tells them to shut up," the complaint said.

Principal Jo-Anne Seltzer at first recommended a 5-day suspension but bumped it up to 10 days after receiving additional complaints and after Konnovitch was "uncooperative and unprofessional" in a meeting with parents, the complaint said.

Konnovitch also has a written reprimand for assaulting a student in 2008 on his documented employment history, the paper reported.

The board is expected to approve the suspension.

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