Estefans Meet Fans From All Over World at CongaBash 2017

Fans from all over the world traveled to Miami on this weekend to attend CongaBash 2017, where they were welcomed by the Estefans.

These "Conga Bashers" traveled from New York and as far from Chile, UK, China, Belgium, Finland and Denmark for a special meeting on the beach with Gloria and Emilio Estefan.

"As artists, we're very fortunate to earn the love and support of our fans when our offerings are hot off the presses and our songs are topping the charts," Gloria Estefan said.

The Estefans attended an auction for their foundation on Saturday where they met and spent time with fans.

"But the word fortunate pales when describing a loyalty that spans decades and is unconditional every step of the way...I want to express the deepest and most heartfelt thanks to you, my tried and true Conga who come from all over the world to show me, time and time again, your special and undying love that I treasure and carry with me with each step that I take on this amazing journey," she said.

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