Evicted Family: Hell No, We Won't Go

Miami clan vows to fight 2nd eviction attempt

When eviction papers came yesterday to the Trody family's North Miami home, it felt like a recurring nightmare.

The family, 12 in all, spanning four generations, were evicted from their home in February, made to pack up all their possessions for an uncertain fate on the street.

The family moved into a van for a few days, but less than a week later were back in the place they had called home for over 20 years.

Fast forward to yesterday, when the family was once again hit with eviction papers.

The Trody's are vowing that the only way they'll vacate the house is through physical removal.

The family is also working with the organization that helped put them back in their home in February to demand that others in their position receive help to find affordable housing rather than get evicted.

Mary Trody said she lost her home initially through a combination of predatory lending and her husband losing his job in the delivery department of the Miami Herald.

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