Facebook Quizzes Can Give Personal Data to Obscure Companies

Quizzes on Facebook – though fun – have the potential of relinquishing your personal information to inconspicuous companies.

Pictures, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries and interests are part of the list of information that can be transmitted to companies via Facebook quizzes.

There are a lot of quizzes on Facebook and hundreds of thousands of people take them. Florida International University's College of Engineering and Computer Science has a focus on cybersecurity and privacy.

"Like – you are doomed. Because they got all of your data here," FIU student Sajedul Talukder said. "You place the answer, submit it and boom; you are gone because all of your Facebook data has been submitted to the quiz companies."

By giving quiz companies permission on Facebook, you are giving them the power to access your information.

"You need to be more cautious about the applications you choose to use," FIU student Mozhgan Azimpourkivi said.

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