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Family Upset Over School Security Specialist's Social Media Posts About Student With Disability

A Broward County School security specialist used foul language and racial epithets in social media posts mocking a student in a wheelchair but was cleared of any wrongdoing and now the student's family is speaking out.

"They just called me and told me I got a student in a wheelchair, [what the] f--- you did to get suspended in a wheelchair bro?" Christopher Jenkins says in a selfie video.

Jenkins, a security specialist, posted on social media selfie videos and videos of students, and used the n-word when talking about one of them.

"That n----- say he here for fighting, fighting. B---- you ain't fighting, you paralyzed bro. I'm gonna show you all the picture later," he says.

The student, 14-year-old Darrel Bouie, is confined to a wheelchair because of a car accident.

"He made fun of him, telling everybody why he was suspended and 'he is paralyzed, this n----- can't do this,' it was just absurd and then he shared it with social media on Snapchat," grandmother Pinky Small said.

Bouie is a student at Sunrise Middle School. He got into a fight and ended up at an alternative educational center for a couple of days and that's where he encountered that security associate.

Small says Jenkins, who works at Lanier James Education Center, is the one who posted the material.

Broward County School District officials said their police department investigated the matter, then closed their probe and took no further action. They say the incident, including any potential disciplinary measures, continues to be under review by the District.

"There is a violation, you don't video a child, there is confidentiality, as far as he is a juvenile, and you have to have consent in order to video a child," Small said.

Small took the video to school district investigators. The school's principal told Bouie's father the matter was investigated and is now over.

"As a security specialist he should know better, you don't go around videotaping kids," Small said. "It's not just the fact that he is in a wheelchair but you don't videotape anybody's kids and put them on social media, anything can happen on social media."

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