FBI Conducts Raid at NW Miami-Dade Warehouse

The FBI was involved in a raid at a warehouse in northwest Miami-Dade Thursday.

The raid was conducted at the warehouse in the area of Northwest 107th Street and 7th Avenue, where an alleged drug and weapons operation was uncovered.

The 10-hour raid stretched well after sundown for federal agents busting apparent illegal activity at the warehouse. The FBI, ATF and EPA loaded up boxes of evidence found inside Unit 736.

"This is crazy. I've never seen anything like this in this neighborhood," said Tariq Jarrar, witness.

Surveillance video showed the manpower authorities used in the raid. Two SUV's arrived with SWAT teams ready to execute the search warrant.

Court documents show weapons, ammo, drug paraphernalia, electronics and thousands of dollars in cash were confiscated. Four men were taken into custody.

"I just saw the arrest, they knocked the door down. They took the dogs in to sniff around and ran a fire hose over there just to cover themselves in case something blew up," said Bobby Latimer, witness.

"I heard they pulled out grenades and that's why the Hazmat team was here," Jarrar added.

NBC 6 received an exclusive look inside the warehouse unit after the federal agents left. It was a mess and there was evidence of drug use, broken glass and an expensive oven inside.

FBI and ATF agents wouldn't comment on the investigation except to say there was one.

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