FBI Pays 150K To Hitman

A notorious mobster receives big settlement after being shot during his arrest

Hitmen usually get paid for taking the shot.

This one got paid for taking a bullet from the FBI.

The U.S. government agreed to pay $150,000 to Frankie A. Roche for his "pain and suffering" after being accidentally shot during his own arrest in Tampa in 2004.

Roche, 36, admitted to being a hired gun and killing Adolfo "Big Al" Bruno in 2003. Bruno was the regional boss of the Genovese crime family in western Massachusetts. Roche pleaded guilty to federal murder charges last year.

At least he'll be going to prison, but not before he stashes a little government coin in the bank.

Roche said he did the job for $10,000, chump change compared to what the government is paying for shooting him.

So the government paid a dangerous killer for getting shot. Talk about strange justice.

What's even more ironic is Roche agreed to turn state's evidence against his other mobster buddies in exchange for witness protection.

Somebody get the name of this wise guy's attorney.

But how could the government pay a notorious mob hitman?

You could say the mobster offered the government a deal they couldn't refuse. Roche originally sued for $10 million.

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