First Baby Anteater Born at Zoo Miami Making Debut Tuesday

A new friend is joining the wildlife here at Zoo Miami. The South Florida attraction introduced “Bowie” on Tuesday, the first ever giant anteater to be born at the zoo.

He was born two months ago, but Tuesday the park introduced him to the world – as he was strutting his stuff on his mom’s back.

“These guys are amazing and this is a huge thing for us because it's the first anteater birth in history of Zoo Miami,” said Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill.

“They are so powerful. They get up if threatened they get up on their hind quarters and will grab you with their claws,” Magill said. “They can eviscerate you in a heartbeat.”

The animal feeds on termites and ants – eating up to 30,000 termites or ants in a single day. The newborn is expected to hang on his mom’s back for up to a year before becoming more independent.

Magill says the animal was named as a tribute to the late singer David Bowie, who some keepers were fans of. Bowie will be at the Amazon and Beyond exhibit, but you have to catch him early.

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