Five Venomous Snakes, Alligator Seized From Apartment

A red-spitting cobra, puff adder, and rattlesnake among them

Wildlife officials seized five venomous snakes and a small alligator found in Boca Raton apartment, authorities said.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report said red-spitting cobra, puff adder, uracoan rattlesnake, two false cobras, and a small alligator were seized  from Tyler Nolan's Boca Raton apartment Wednesday,

The FWC incident summary report says that  investigator Jon Garzanti, received information that Nolan possessed these dangerous reptiles in his home at 5653 Pacific Blvd.

The Garzanti met Nolan downstairs in the parking lot, who allowed him to come up and inspect the animals, stating that he was in the process of obtaining a license for them, according to the report.

The next day, the Garzanti and other state wildlife officials removed the reptiles and cited him for multiple violations, including possession of venomous reptiles without a permit and possession of an American alligator.

According to the report, the reptiles had been housed in secure closures with a lock and key.

The snakes were transported to a licensed facility and the alligator was released into the wild.

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