Florida Highway Patrol Targeting Aggressive Drivers in New Safety Campaign

The Florida Highway Patrol is kicking off a new safety campaign Friday to target aggressive drivers.

The campaign is aimed at educating motorists about the dangers of aggressive driving around large trucks and reducing commercial motor vehicle crashes, FHP officials said. The campaign runs through August 24.

"FHP is committed to making our highways safer, and one way to accomplish this is to enforce safe driving around commercial motor vehicles," FHP director Col. Gene Spaulding said in a statement. "We remind drivers to exercise patience when driving around large trucks and other vehicles to ensure the safety of everyone on the roadway."

A similar campaign earlier this year ended with 15,477 citations issued by FHP troopers. During last year's campaign, a total of 67,144 citations related to aggressive driving behaviors were issued, FHP officials said.

The campaign comes as a top FHP official reportedly told troopers they aren't writing enough tickets and needed to issue two citations each hour. State figures show troopers wrote 934,965 citations in 2014 compared to 749,241 last year.

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