Florida Legislature Passes Drone Control Bill

The bill that would limit law enforcement's use of drones now goes to Gov. Rick Scott, who said he will sign it into law

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill limiting law enforcement agencies' use of the remotely controlled aircraft known as drones.

The House unanimously approved the Senate's bill (SB 92) 117-0 on Wednesday with no debate.

It now goes to Gov. Rick Scott. The governor later on Wednesday said he will sign it into law.

The measure restricts the use of drones to the prevention of imminent danger to life — a kidnapping or a missing child — or serious damage to property.

Miami-Dade Police Department's Drones Ready To Fly

It also makes police get search warrants before using drones to collect evidence. An exception would be a credible threat of terrorist attack.

Only three law enforcement agencies in Florida are currently licensed by the federal government to fly drones. None are yet using them.

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