Florida Teen Amputee Gets Prosthetic Drum Sticks

Jamarion Styles was born without arms, but he's a rising star on the drums, and his Christmas gift is about to take his music to a whole new level.

The teenager from Delray Beach will soon be jamming with prosthetic drum sticks. 

Styles is not the type of teen who gives in easily: "I came in here I played the drums and I didn't know how to play, and I started teaching myself and I learned," he explained.

The young drummer brought his ambition to the Milagro Center, where Corey Jones teaches kids how to play the drums. The Milagro Center gave Styles the opportunity to play the drums and, because of a partnership with the University of Florida's Generational Relief in Prosthetics program, Styles is about to perfect his own style.

Myles Marcus, head of mechanical design for the group, spent all of his free time between classes working on the prosthetic for Styles.

"It was very beneficial to me to be able to help someone else through music and through a prosthetic device like this," Marcus said.

Making the gift even more special, Jones' father and brother came to the center to support Styles, something Clinton Jones says his son would have done if he was still alive.

"It's exciting to know that my son's legacy is still living," said Jones.

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