Florida Woman Arrested After Shoving ‘Visibly Emaciated' Dog into Car Trunk

A Florida woman was arrested after she was seen on camera shoving a dog into the trunk of a car outside a Brevard County animal shelter this week.

The woman, who authorities identified as 27-year-old Sarah Perry, took the dog to the shelter because she no longer wanted to keep it. Perry was informed that the shelter was full and could not accept or euthanize the animal.

Perry left the shelter angry and returned to her vehicle.

A witness called authorities after recording her putting the animal in the trunk of a car and driving off, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said.

Animal Enforcement located and arrested Perry and took the dog into custody. 

The family pet was taken to the Brevard County Sheriff Animal Care Center for treament and was found to be "visibly emaciated and appeared to be uncared for," Ivey said. 

Perry is now faces a charge of felony animal abuse.

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