Flush With Cash From Green Toilets

Rebates for environmentally-friendly johns

It's easy to go green now, even when you just have to go.

The City of Plantation is offering an incentive to make a trip to the latrine friendly to Mother Nature and your pocketbook, in the form of a $100 rebate for making the switch to a high efficiency toilet.

"The least expensive water supply project is water conservation. That's what were trying to do is conserve water," said Hank Breitenkam, the Director of Plantation's Utilities Department. Breitenkam hopes to have 1,000 of the new toilets installed in Plantation by August 1.

Anyone in Plantation who switches to a toilet that uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less will see the $100 credit on their water bill, enough encouragement for resident Jim Johnson.

"I got to thinking about the amount of water that was going out and it's kind of ridiculous," said Johnson, who's lived in Plantation since 1972 and recently purchased two new green toilets. "And with the environment the way it is, it's quite a bit of savings on water."

And if you're skeptical of the power of these new thrones - don't be. Not only do they save water, they'll put down any veggies you can cram down them, even a potato.

"This toilet will always be at a minimum 20-75% more efficient, depending upon what kind of toilet you have right now," said Mylene Darelli, owner of enviro-friendly shop Green Dwellers, in Plantation. "Even with a potato in there, I can do a 0.8 flush and it's enough power to flush the potato."

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