Fooled Gold

The state wants to crack down on the booming cash-for-gold business and the thieves that use it

Get ready to cut through a little red tape before you can turn your gold into quick cash.

State legislators are poised to a pass a bill that will require cash-for-gold outfits to take pictures of the merchandise they receive and require customers to fill out sworn statements before any money changes hands. The pictures would be given to online law enforcement.

The goal is to weed out thieves who turn to cash-for-gold companies to turn a quick profit on loot they have pilfered.

But the measure could put a dent in the booming industry's business because most companies peg their advertisements on cash fast with no hassle.

It's already bad enough you have to hock your wedding band or retirement watch, now you have to fill out mounds of paperwork to get rid of it.

Customers now have to swear the jewelry, coins or golden unicorn statue is yours before anyone will lay hands on it. Or you could go the old fashioned route and hit the corner pawn shop and take a little less cash.

So if you're looking to pawn grandma's old gold earrings because you don't think she'll miss them, be prepared to have law enforcement looking over your shoulder.

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