Former Co-Worker: Cutié Is Gay

Producer of priest's radio show says randy rev had gay affair

A former producer for Father Alberto Cutié's old radio show says before the priest fell in love with a lady, he was into men.
Jose Linares Suarez, who used to work for Cutié's Radio Peace in Miami, made the stunning allegations that the randy reverend is gay in a new story published by Spanish-language magazine TV & Novelas.
Linares Suarez claims he walked in on Cutié and a Colombian man named Leonardo with their pants down in Cutié's office. Linares Suarez said Cutié asked him to keep quiet about the incident.
Linares Suarez also says he saw Leonardo pay Cutié several nighttime visits and that this same Leonardo had him fired from the radio network after Leonardo accused the producer of grabbing his butt. Linares Suarez left Radio Peace in 2007.
"Alberto was building an image and he was lying to the world, that is why I'm telling what I have seen," Linares Suarez told the magazine, according to several reports.

Cutié was snapped earlier this year by paparazzi during a romantic rendezvous with a woman on a beach while still a Roman Catholic priest. The popular father was relieved of his duties as pastor of St. Francis de Sales church in Miami Beach after the photos were published in TV Notas.
"Father Oprah" gave several interviews in which he professed his love for the woman who he was caught on the beach with, divorced single mother Ruhama Canellis. In June, Cutié announced he would be leaving the Catholic Church and joining the Episcopal faith. He married Canellis in a civil ceremony on June 16.  
Linares Suarez claims that Cutié's relationship with Canellis is just a cover for his homosexuality, and that rumors of Cutié's sexual preference have been floated for some time.

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