Four Miami Beach Officers Disciplined in ATV Crash

One officer was terminated and the other three face various disciplinary actions including demotions, suspension without pay

Four Miami Beach officers were served with their final discipinary actions stemming from an incident involving an officer who is accused of drunkenly crashing his ATV into two people.

Sgt. Manuel Moraga was terminated, Sgt. Michael Muley was demoted to police officer and suspended for 80 hours without pay, Sgt. Alberto Estraviz was suspended without pay, and Lt. Jerome Berrian was demoted to police officer and required to pay $2,682.53.

Meanwile, Chaplain Charles London had previously been demoted to lieutenant and Division Major Brian Sliman was suspended for 40 hours without pay.

City Manager Jorge M. Gonzalez said in letter to the mayor and city commission on Friday that the four disciplined officers may appeal the disciplinary actions.

July 3 was a busy holiday weekend on Miami Beach. Authorities say two beach cops were drinking and dancing at a nightclub, while on duty. One officer took a woman for a joyride on his department-issued ATV, then crashed into two people on the beach, investigators said.

Both people were seriously hurt. Fired Officer Derick Kuilan, who was operating the ATV, faces four felonies. Officer Rolando Gutierrez, who was partying with Kuilan, was also fired.

“It's a minority that do things the wrong way. The majority of the police works very hard, and top them this is a slap in the face,” Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower had said.

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