Andrew Pestano

Man Who Barricaded Himself With Knife at Broward Health Detained

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department said the suspect armed with a knife who barricaded himself at the Broward Health Medical Center has been detained.

“The individual in question has been secured, safe and receiving the necessary treatment," Broward Health said in a statement. "We are grateful to the local authorities and trained staff that quickly sprang into action to keep patients and employees safe.”

A SWAT team was at the scene earlier on Wednesday. Police confirmed no hostages were taken in the incident.

"There was like three of them with guns and stuff, big guns," Jill Wright, who was visiting patient, said. "They opened up the window blinds and they were just pointing the guns. They were just using their scopes."

The FLPD's public information officer said the man is a 38-year-old male patient who was on the fifth floor – the only floor that was evacuated.

The man sustained superficial cuts to his arms, possibly inflicted on himself, police said. No police or hospital staff were injured. The man, who authorities will not identify, was taken for a mental evaluation.

The FLPD official said the no one was endangered, though the man has attempted to hurt himself prior to Wednesday's incident.

The FLPD said it does not yet know why the man barricaded himself or how he acquired the knife.

Police negotiated with the man for about two hours.

"You could feel the tension but overall it looked like it was all under control," Scott Draizin, who was visiting a patient, said.

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