Genitalia-Shaped Mailbox Turning Heads in Florida Neighborhood

A woman's genitalia-shaped mailbox is garnering a lot of attention in her Florida neighborhood.

In the Florida neighborhood of East Englewood, people are now greeted by a large, round, cylinder statue that resembles a piece of anatomy.

To make things even stranger, the phallic mailbox was a gift given to the woman by her own son.

"I just told her that I had a surprise for her," said her son, Gary Winthrop.

The man's mother says she thought she was getting a Harley or a car, but instead received an uniquely shaped mailbox.

But she wasn't angry. "I can't be mad ... it's from my son," says his mother, Sue.

However, residents have some mixed reaction toward the phallic mailbox.

"Some of the neighbors put real estate magazines in her mailbox to basically tell her to move and give her some dirty looks," says Winthrop.

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