2022 Hurricane Season

Get Ready for Hurricane Season with Radar and Alerts in the NBC 6 App

Here's how to manage weather alerts from the NBC 6 First Alert Weather Team in the NBC 6 App

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

The NBC 6 South Florida apps for iOS and Android can help you prepare for Hurricane Season 2022.

We know how important it is to have an accurate forecast to plan your day and week – we’ve updated the weather screen in our latest version of our app.

Here's some of the improvements you can expect to see inside the app:

Weather section updates

  • Customized experience: Users can now customize the weather page, deciding what information they first see when visiting the weather section
  • More detailed forecast: The forecast now includes new data points such as dew point, UV Index and more
  • Improved radar experience with First Alert Doppler 6000, the most powerful radar in South Florida: The radar will now expand fullscreen, hiding most interface elements to give the user the biggest map area possible

How to get NBC 6 Weather alerts

  • In app setting, turn on Location Access, and Precise Location so the app can give you relevant weather forecasts
  • To manage alerts, open the search at the top right of the app, then tap on app settings in the lower left
  • Tap on News Alerts and opt in for First Alert Weather in order to receive alerts from our team of NBC 6 meteorologists, South Florida's most accurate weather team for the last 9 years
  • If you also want to receive automated alerts, hit the return arrow in the top left and Tap on Weather Location Alerts
  • Toggle on Your Location so that the app can accurately display weather where you are
  • You can then opt in for Severe Weather Alerts, Lighting and Precipitation alerts
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