Go, Slow, Whoa! Broward Schools Launch Healthy Food Initiative

Students attending Broward County Public Schools will soon benefit from an initiative aimed at improving nutrition for K-12 students in the district's 275 public school cafeterias.

As part of the Eat Smart Broward Go, Slow, Whoa! initiative, BCPS will implement educational materials in dining rooms across the county to teach students about "Go!" foods - the most nutritious choices on the menu for the day.

The initiative represents a partnership between BCPS and the Broward Regional Health Planning Council's (BRHPC) Transforming Our Community's Health program (TOUCH).

Students can expect to see posters and banners, table decals, ceiling danglers and even aprons on the cafeteria workers reminding them of their healthiest choices for the day.

The Go, Slow, Whoa! program is part of an even broader county-wide effort to promote healthy eating choices.

"There are too many opportunities for kids to eat food that's overly processed, fatty, salty and just plain bad for them," said Darlene Moppert of BCPS in a release. "We have to fight against that if we want kids today to be healthy adults tomorrow, and The Go, Slow, Whoa! Program is a great way to do that. We're going to drive the message home that really tasty, satisfying and healthful food is available to them if they just know how to look."

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