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Group of Migrants Spotted Off Coast of Fort Lauderdale

Cye Leoand calls himself an avid fisherman, spending plenty of time out on the water in Fort Lauderdale.

"A raft was intercepted about 24 miles off shore," said Leoand. "We heard chatter over the radio."

Instead of reeling in a big fish this Sunday boaters caught wind of rafters seen here in these pictures. Leoand says he was JUST two miles away from the migrants trying their best to make it ashore. He could not tell how many rafters were on board.

"But I did see the Coast Guard out there doing their operations," said Leoand.

This comes just four days after 11 migrants were spotted by the Coast Guard about a mile from Key Biscayne. Authorities say the group tried to evade law enforcement and was non-compliant. Officials tell is in June alone more than 100 Cubans have attempted the dangerous journey to the United States.

"The coast guard has seen a 21 percent increase in Cuban migrant flow this year compared to last year," said Marilyn Fajardo, U.S. Coast Guard.

This growing trend catching some boaters off guard.

"Unfortunately, this year I've seen it many times." said Leoand. "I've noticed an increase in the amount of people who are trying to make refuge to America."

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