Gun Range Burglarized in Davie: Police

A burglary at a gun range in Davie is a case of déjà vu for the owners of two stores that ended up being involved in the heist.

Officers responded to Alfie's Gun Range at 7080 W. State Road 84 in Davie around 2 a.m. and found the doors were pried open, officials said.

“Hearing this is almost as if they came to my house and broke in and took whatever they wanted,” said Robert Feliciano, co-owner of Alfie’s.

Davie Police said the thieves first stole a van from a neighboring business. They then tied a chain to the bumper of the van and wrapped the other end around the front door. The criminals then used the van to pry the door open and go inside looking for weapons.

But, once they got inside, the suspects triggered the alarm and Davie Police responded. Once police arrived on the scene, they found guns thrown on the business floor and outsides. The suspects drove off from the burglary in the stolen van, which was later found close to the crime scene with no crooks inside.

The owners of the van, Tastebuds Catering, said they have had their store vehicle stolen to commit a crime in recent months.

“They told me that it was involving Alfie’s AGAIN and this is the second time this has happened, same thing!” said Rache Gebaide, co-owner of Tastebuds.

Alfie’s owner said surveillance cameras were rolling during the burglary and feels confident police will be able to find the people who committed the crime.

“We work so hard and it’s just terrible that someone feels they can just come and take what we work for,” Feliciano said.

It's believed at least three men are behind the burglary, officials said. Anyone with information is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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