Gun Violence Prompts King Carter's Family to Move

After losing their 6-year-old son King to gun violence three months ago, the Carter family is packing up and moving out of their northwest Miami-Dade apartment complex.

"It's time to get our of here," Santonio Carter said. "It's too crazy around here."

Just two days ago, the Blue Lake Village Apartment Complex saw yet another shooting which left two people wounded. One woman was arrested in that shooting.

It brought back awful memories for the family. Little King was playing outside with friends in February when he died in a hail of bullets. His death galvanized the community, prompting numerous rallies and community protests calling for an end to gun violence.

Police arrested four people, including three teens and the mother of one of those teens, in connection with the King's death.

For the Santonio and his fiancée Monica Smith, King's mother, moving from the apartment they shared with their young son was not an easy decision.

But after the most recent shooting, they say hearing the same shots and seeing the same crime scene signaled it was time for a change.

"It was a bittersweet moment," Carter said, "We don't wanna go just 'cause of the memories. We ain't wanna move to another spot without King coming with us, but we know he'll be there spiritually."

The family is holding onto hope that a new home will help bring closure to the whole family.

"It's better days," King's mom Monica says. "Better nights to sleep."

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